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Sea Moss Infused Premium Hair/Beard Growth Oil (All Natural Ingredients)

Sea Moss Infused Premium Hair/Beard Growth Oil (All Natural Ingredients)

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Unlock a new you in 60 Days!

If you don't see a remarkable difference within 60 Days, we promise a full refund, no questions asked.

Unveil the secret to a magnificent beard and lustrous hair with our exclusive Sea Moss Infused Hair & Beard Growth Oil! Expertly crafted using organic sea moss and a blend of premium organic ingredients, this oil is a game-changer for those seeking to nourish, moisturize, and strengthen their hair and beard.

Why should I use Seamoss hair oil?

Promotes Healthy Growth: Infused with organic sea moss and natural ingredients, this oil enhances hair and beard growth by nourishing and strengthening hair follicles.

✨ Intense Moisturization: Rich in natural oils like coconut, argan, and olive, it deeply moisturizes both hair and beard, preventing dryness and promoting a silky texture.

✨ Powerful Hair Loss Prevention: Packed with potent ingredients like biotin and fenugreek seed, it actively combats hair loss, encouraging stronger, thicker hair growth on both scalp and face.

✨ Soothes Skin & Scalp: The formula is crafted to nurture the skin beneath the beard and scalp, alleviating irritation and preventing dandruff for a comfortable, flake-free experience.

✨ Revitalizes and Adds Shine: With a blend of moringa and henna, this oil not only repairs damaged hair but also adds a lustrous shine, rejuvenating both your hair and beard.

How to Use: Simply use the dropper to apply the oil to your fingertips and gently massage it into your beard or hair. Suitable for daily use.

Embark on the journey to a healthier, fuller, and more radiant hair and beard with our Sea Moss Infused Hair & Beard Growth Oil. Perfect for nurturing both your scalp and facial hair, this oil is your key to unlocking the natural potential of your hair.

*LOW STOCK ALERT* We make our oils by hand so we can only make so many every day.


✅ Enhances Growth: Stimulates hair and beard follicles for fuller growth.

✅ Moisturizes Deeply: Natural oils provide lasting hydration to hair and skin.

✅ Reduces Hair Loss: Potent ingredients like biotin strengthen and prevent shedding.

✅ Soothes Skin: Alleviates irritation and dandruff for a comfortable feel.

✅ Adds Shine: Leaves hair and beard with a healthy, natural sheen.

✅ Repairs Damage: Helps restore health to damaged or weak hair.

✅ Nourishes Roots: Sea moss and herbs feed hair roots essential nutrients.

✅ Non-Greasy Formula: Absorbs quickly without leaving residue.

✅ Versatile Use: Suitable for all hair and beard types and textures.

✅ Pleasant Scents: Available in multiple fragrances to suit personal preference.

How To Use Our Hair/Beard Oil?

For optimal results and to truly harness the benefits of our premium Sea Moss Infused Hair & Beard Growth Oil, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with a Clean Base: Before applying the oil, ensure your hair and beard are clean and slightly damp. This helps in better absorption of the oil.
  2. Apply the Right Amount: Using the dropper, take a small amount of the oil. The quantity may vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair and beard.
  3. Massage Gently: Rub the oil between your palms and gently massage it into your scalp and beard. Ensure even distribution, focusing on the roots and the skin underneath.
  4. Style as Usual: After application, comb through your hair and beard to style as desired. The oil is lightweight and non-greasy, making it perfect for daily use.
  5. Consistency is Key: For best results, use the oil daily. Regular application is essential in providing your hair and beard with the necessary nutrients and moisture.
  6. Be Patient: We recommend using the oil for at least two months before evaluating its full benefits. Consistent use over time allows the natural ingredients to effectively nourish and strengthen your hair and beard.

Remember, the journey to healthier, stronger hair and beard is a gradual process, and our Sea Moss Infused Hair & Beard Growth Oil is designed to support you every step of the way.

Natural Ingredients

Nothing is more important to us than the safety & effectiveness of our products. OurSeamoss Hair/Beard Oil is composed of simple all natural ingredients that all aid in the creation of our powerful blend!

Fenugreek seed, Chadian Chebe powder, sea moss, ashwagandha, brahmi, ginseng root, nettle, moringa, henna, aloe vera, Biotin, pure olive oil, pure argan oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure coconut oil, pure tea tree oil

Vitamin & Mineral Content

Our all natural formula is a vitamin and mineral powerhouse.

Biotin (from Fenugreek Seed and Chadian Chebe Powder): Encourages hair growth and strengthens hair follicles, reducing hair loss.

Vitamin E (from Olive Oil and Argan Oil): An antioxidant that promotes a healthy scalp and hair, enhancing hair's natural shine and vitality.

Omega Fatty Acids (from Argan, Coconut, and Grapeseed Oils): Nourish the hair and scalp, enhancing hair strength, elasticity, and promoting healthy hair growth.

Iron (from Sea Moss and Moringa): Essential for hair growth, contributing to fuller, stronger hair.

Zinc (from Sea Moss and Brahmi): Crucial for hair tissue growth and repair, also helps in maintaining oil production around hair follicles.

Calcium (from Sea Moss and Chebe Powder): Strengthens hair fibers, contributing to the overall health of hair.

Magnesium (from Sea Moss and Grapeseed Oil): Aids in preventing hair breakage and supports hair growth.

Potassium (from Sea Moss): Keeps hair and scalp hydrated, preventing dryness.

Selenium (from Sea Moss): Helps in eliminating dandruff and promoting a healthy scalp.

Vitamin C (from Aloe Vera and Sea Moss): Boosts collagen production, crucial for hair strength and growth.

Folate (from Fenugreek Seed): Assists in healthy cell development in hair follicles, contributing to hair growth.

Vitamin A (from Sea Moss): Encourages healthy sebum production in the scalp, keeping hair moisturized.

Vitamin B-Complex (from Brahmi, Nettle, and Ashwagandha): Supports overall hair health, including reducing hair loss and graying.

Saponins (from Ginseng Root): Stimulate hair growth by nourishing and revitalizing hair roots.

Amino Acids (from Moringa and Chebe Powder): Build hair protein and strengthen the hair shaft, promoting growth and reducing breakage.

and much more!!!

Shipping & Returns

The moment you place your order, our team starts preparing your fresh batch of sea moss hair oil. We make every jar to order!

We use USPS for all of our deliveries. You can expect your parcel within 5-7 business days from when it leaves our warehouse.

Money Back Guarantee

#OurMossPromise Guarantee

We are so confident in our sea moss that if you do not notice a difference after 60 days of using OurSeamoss Hair Oil, we will grant you a 100% refund. What are you waiting for ..

Try Us Risk Free For 30 Days!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions ...

How often should I use this oil for the best results?

A: For optimal results, we recommend using the oil daily. Consistent use is key to nourishing and strengthening your hair and beard.

Is this oil only for men?

A: No, the oil is not exclusively for men. While it is marketed for beard growth, its natural ingredients and benefits for hair health make it suitable for anyone looking to improve the health, strength, and growth of their hair. Regardless of gender, if you're seeking a product that nourishes the scalp, strengthens hair, and enhances growth, this oil can be an excellent choice. Its formulation caters to the needs of both scalp hair and facial hair, making it versatile for a wide range of users.

Is this oil suitable for all hair and beard types?

Yes, our oil is formulated to be effective for all hair and beard types, providing essential nutrients and moisture to each strand

How long does it take to see results from using this product?

A: While individual results may vary, we suggest using the oil for at least two months to see noticeable improvements in hair and beard growth and health.

Can this product help with dandruff and itching?

A: Yes, our oil contains ingredients that soothe the skin, helping to reduce dandruff and itching.

Is the product vegan and cruelty-free?

A: Yes, our hair and beard growth oil is made with all-natural, vegan ingredients and is cruelty-free.

How long does shipping take?

90% of orders are going out within 24-72 hours, you can get your items in no time! And no matter where you are in the US, your order will arrive in just 2-7 business days once dispatched from our warehouse.

Will this oil leave my hair and beard feeling greasy?

A: No, our oil is designed to be lightweight and absorb quickly into the hair and skin, leaving a non-greasy finish.

#OurMossPromise 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in our sea moss gel that if you do not notice a difference after 60 days of using OurSeamoss Hair Oil, we will grant you a 100% refund. What are you waiting for .. try us risk free today!